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        1. Recent Posts

          Hi-Wire Brewing Announces Plans for Charlotte, NC Location

          From the mountains of Asheville to the sunny shores of Wilmington, Hi-Wire Brewing plans to check off another stop on the North Carolina map by opening a new retail location in the state’s largest city of Charlotte. This new brewery and taproom, set to open in Spring 2022, will bee the fourth North Carolina city in which the Asheville-based brewery has opened premises, though it marks the sixth location in the state including three Asheville locations, and the eighth in the pany overall with out-of-state taprooms in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Louisville, Kentucky. Hi-Wire has opened or is in the process of opening three of those locations in just the past 10 months with the Wilmington, North Carolina, spot opening mid-December 2020, Louisville opening late in August 2021, and Asheville’s RAD Beer Garden and Distribution Center set to open in November of this year. 

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          Save The Magnetic Theatre

          The past 18 months have been exceptionally challenging for arts munities everywhere.? While The Magnetic Theatre has continued producing virtually and in outdoor spaces during the shutdowns, and indoors with enhanced safety protocols since April 2021, these challenges have pounded to threaten the continued existence of the nonprofit pany.? Now, The Magnetic Theatre is asking for the munity’s help to keep creating unique theatrical experiences.

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          ABCCM TO Dedicate SECU Center of Hope at Transformation Village

          Transformation Village is ABCCM’s newest residential facility for women and children. The SECU Center of Hope is part of Phase I that provides transitional housing for women who need a safe place for themselves and their children while their lives are transformed. Phase I will be able to house up to 240 women and children annually. Phase II will be the construction of six apartment buildings that will have permanent, deeply affordable homes for up to 300 residents.

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